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The Novel is the Monster

Self exploration is never easy. If you’re open to the idea in the first place, willing to take on and tackle head-first what you believe in, what you think of to be true, your own beliefs and ideals, thoughts and concepts, then I believe you’re a step ahead of a lot of people already. If then you take all of those ideas and belief systems and put them on paper, in an effort to really discover what you are, and potentially further down the line, have some sort of impact, then that’s another step ahead, of a lot of people. A push to better yourself, to self-actualize and commit to something through a process of deep thought, exploration, analysis and discovery. It’s all good stuff, and it brings out sides of your personality you thought you never had.

I know, it’s a situation I’m currently in the middle of, it’s a voyage I am currently undertaking and it’s a twisted beast that’s unrelenting and fascinating at the same time.

From here on in this blog is on permanent hiatus whilst I concentrate on my first novel and attempt to discover more about myself than I ever have.

You can read about the progress of this novel if you are interested at


Celebrity is the monster

I’m not talking about a celebrity here, although I will mention a few by name, I’m talking the concept, the meaning, the mist that comes down and engulfs an otherwise rational human being (or not as the case may be), to turn them into a monster, socially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Simon Cowel, the celebrity machine

The concept, the definition, the word, how it’s viewed and the connotations, they’ve grown from something misguided, into a terrible beast, a monster. Sometimes there’s a shroud, but once you start to pull at it, de-cloak the concept, from it’s beginnings it has always been the perfect medium to display the grotesque, hedonistic, whores of humanity.

Good old Wikipedia states that a celebrity is a ‘widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention.’ The way humanity works often means that, that person is more often than not a terrible wretch. A person shot into the lime light, riddled with problems and seemingly the biggest, most popular, furthest reaching and the most ‘celebrated’ are the ones who can’t cope.

Of course, like everything there are exceptions to the rule, the person who can remain a celebrity, can command lines in a newspaper without being a total skull-fucked leach-head. But we’re not interested in them, and in the true sense of the word, if per month they have 100 lines of copy written about them, in comparison to the drug addled whore who gets 1000 lines of copy a day, who’s the real celebrity there? Who commands a ‘high degree of public and media attention’? The monster, that’s who.

Why? Well who knows, is it something to do with the human psyche? Do we enjoy seeing people fail? The bigger they are the harder they fall, is that enjoyable? For some it is, for some it’s interesting, in fact it is for most. A terrible fact of life is that the most popular newspaper here in the UK is the Sun, a working class tabloid that is more like a comic book, full of ‘celebrities’ almost to the point that any sort of ‘important’ news, concerning politics, economics, etc, is diluted to the point of nil.

So let us have a closer look at this, developing the idea, ‘celebrity’ is a monster for two reasons, it turns people into whores, into some of the most hedonistic, outlandish, spectacle, attention seeking, ruined humans around. Also, it takes away from the mind, it distracts and covers up, and it fills us with an idea, an ideal and vision, propagated by the media a large, and even more so of late, the social media.

Britney Spears is fucked

But it’s a self propagating mechanism, a bastardised Von Neumann probe , the person isn’t necessarily a monster without the media, but the media wouldn’t work without the person, without each other they’re useless, and with each other they’re terrible, they feed of each other, replicate over and over. So who is the real monster, is it Britney Spears? Is it Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, Pamela Anderson or any other of these swine? Or is it Perez Hilton, is it the likes of the Sun, or Damnimcute, perhaps it’s the Superficial, or Zack from the Celebrity Style blog?They all have a part to play, the ‘celebrities’ play up to the hype, they believe it and the media keep writing. The most horrible thing is that you, we, the proletariat and even the bourgeois gulp it down without a thought, it’s hoovered up by a vacuum of human dullards and morons, taken in lapped up, the bowl is put down for more, and it’s terrible, it’s dammed and fucked.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, there always is, but I’m not here to explore that, I’m here to explore the concept of the term ‘monster’ and as far as I’m concerned the word ‘celebrity’ is one. It seems to tarnish whatever and whoever it comes into contact with, it takes something away from them and makes them dirty, somehow used and no longer their own person. It pushes a troubled single mum, a habitual drug addict and criminal with unlimited resource like Britney Spears into the eyes of everyone, it accentuates her problem and makes the people who read it dumber. A peddler of this inane content, like Perez Hilton is a tool, he’s a cog in the system, he helps the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, the dumb, illiterate down and stupid, ill-read, how? Whilst the dim-witted teen sat in front of their computer reads away what a terrible mess some filthy cunt has got themselves into this time, they’re not reading a decent book, they’re not gaining an interest in the politics around them or the terrible situation their personal liberties are in, a shrug of the shoulders is what you’ll get if you ask; do you think Gordon Brown should hold a general election now, how do you feel about Monks being slaughtered in Burma, and it’s a terrible mess, the machine keeps turning out morons.

Beksinki is the face of celebrity

Celebrity is a monster. It’s a beast that works through the minds of humans, quelling ideas and creativity, it’s big and dark, an ethereal cloud that looms, hangs and encroaches into almost every aspect of modernity in the west. There’s no escaping it, its henchmen, minions or subordinates, they’re everywhere, trying to propagate the myth, filling grey matter with ultimately meaningless nonsense that is of no benefit to anybody. It’s one scary shiticane of biblical proportions and if it’s not stopped or battled against the dullards will win and the west will fall. It has no face, and no visible end.

Well, at least, that’s one option. Take care.


Monsters, Monsters, everywhere

Welcome to my blog, exploring the concept of ‘The Monster,’ from traditional to conceptual, through to futuristic and metaphorical. The bizarre, the rare, the modern, the killer and the hero, everyday, everywhere, we meet them, we cross them, they hide in the shadows, they’re right in front of our eyes, they control us and dictate to us.

Zdzislaw Beksinski

They make us laugh, they make us cry, sometimes we play with them, other times they play with us. It could be staring you in the face and you would never notice, or you will be terrified beyond rational thought. They are here, they have been since the start of time, and whilst humanity has a single drop of imagination left in its hive of emotion and being, they will always be here.

If you know a monster, let me know about them, I will explore them.